Basketball Wives Brooke Bailey Calls Bambi Delusional & Explains Her Friendship With The Govan Sisters


Monday night VH1 aired part 1 of the reunion show Basketball Wives LA, and as expected there was a bunch of bickering & going back & fourth throughout the show between the ladies.


After the show aired newcomer Brooke Bailey dished her thoughts on her cast mates calling Bambi delusional, as well as talked about her friendship with Laura & Gloria, what it was like to be on the show & more.

Check out a few excerpts from the interview below:

On her relationship with Bambi:

Bambi’s f*cing delusional. Period. Her whole storyline is delusional. I don’t have a problem with the girl, but she talked about me the whole season, I mean we’re just on two different levels of life. Where she’s trying to get to, I’ve already been. Her whole thing is, I don’t care about her, I don’t care to ever be friends with her or Malaysia. If you have a problem with me, why do you continue to be around me, keeping my name in your mouth? I can see why they’re friends.

On her relationship with Malaysia:

She’s fake as f*ck My gut told me, on that phone call, that she was trying to be funny, and then I went and apologized to her after she was like “No, I wasn’t trying to be funny.” And then when Jackie and I got into our altercation, Malaysia was the b*tch that stepped on my necklace, but then she came outside after to be like “Oh, boo, you okay?” You fake as f*ck.

On her relationship with Jackie Christie:

Actually, I have so much respect for Jackie. She really is cuckoo, she has a lot of different personalities, but I mean, out of all the girls and all the s— -talking that went on, she talked her s— to me and she backed it up the best way she could and I respect that. Then we came back together, we apologized, and from that point on it’s been cool. Everybody else talks all their s— but they don’t back up what they’re saying.

On her relationship with Laura & Gloria:

I didn’t expect that me, Gloria, and Laura would be so cool, I actually thought it would be the other way around, I thought that they wouldn’t like me, and for me to come in and for them to embrace me the way that they did, I think that also had a lot to do with the relationship between me and Draya because of whatever issues she may have had with the sisters. I’m like type of person, I like people for who they are, I’m a leader not a follower. So if they didn’t f— your husband or take money out your pocket, why are you mad?

On her relationship with Draya:
I definitely didn’t expect our relationship to end the way that it did. It’s very hard to have relationships with girls in the industry, period, but I felt like were so opposite, work-wise, in the way we look and the jobs we did before this, that she’s not my competition so I didn’t feel like she’d have any type of jealousy about us booking the same job but…whatever. It turned out differently

If you ask me this entire cast was delusional & didn’t know the meaning of true friendship. Except Malaysia, I will say she held her girl Bambi down & had her back regardless if she was right or wrong in the situation.

Part 2 of the reunion show airs next Monday @ 8pm on VH1

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