Joe Budden Wants You To Know

Earlier today a naked picture of rapper Joe Budden made it’s way across the world wide web.

I was going to post the pint size penis pic however before I could get around to doing so Joe went on twitter saying someone altered the picture & photoshopped his man parts …

#1. That picture is altered. #.2 I have no issue leaking my own dick, lol #3. 2 the men commenting, who raised u niggas?

& the day my dick is released to the public….it certainly wouldn’t be SOFT dick.. Lets use our brains here, lol

I get that it’s the new wave to say u hate Joe Budden… but really ?? I’ve beat off in front of enough women to take this 2 trial. Lol

1 things for sure tho…. I’m getting famous again.

I really hope Joe didn’t leak this pic himself I’m just saying if he did that makes him look really wack and desperate smh!!!!

Ohh & for those of you who haven’t seen the pic click here

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