Keyshia Cole Respond To Nude Photos Posted On The Internet

Yesterday the blogs & just about everybody on twitter was gossipping about an alleged picture of Keyshia Cole giving an “oral transaction” to someone other than her husband that leaked on the internet…

I saw the picture and I must admit it did look a lot like Keyshia however, I decided to hold off on posting it until I received all of the details & confirmed wether or not it was indeed the singer/reality star..

Keyshia who is currently promoting her latest album “Woman To Woman” as well as her reality show “Keyshia & Daniel’s Family First” denied the picture & took to her twitter page to address the situation….

People that have No self respect you worship! Folks that have a child, a husband, hustled from the bottom up, y’all try to tear down. Shame. So this is how people feel when being falsely accused of something Hugh. I have family and friends. My husbands family. This is not right!

People sending messages to me N my husband, And it’s not even tru What if a lot of men where your from did this to your mom or sis. Jus sad… I guess all I’ve shown people over the last 10 years that I’m liar and a slut Hugh. I would never want my son to have to see this filth!

Anything someone says about me people think is true! N will just run with it, highly disappointed people say anything without confirmation. Boy I tell you! People are a complete mess! Lmao! WOOW! Just wow!

A young lady on twitter who goes by the user name @RedHeadMari has come forward & confirmed that ex rated pictures recently leaked online was of her & not R&B singer Keyshia Cole.

She took to her twitter page to apologize to Keyshia for the mix-up.

“My ex, whom I have tatted on me, leaked the picture,”

It’s me, it was me when I was young & dumb af,,.That picture makes me sad cuz that girl was lost & she didn’t love herself… Lack of guidance & no parents did that to me. I had these tatts since I was in high school & they look nothin like hers smh ppl are simple. Bottom line I couldn’t let my idol take the blame for my dirt, she got a beautiful family & this shit is tragic

I hope this girl is telling the truth & is not trying to pull a Kim Kardashian to create her 15min of fame off of being a Keyshia Cole look-a-like….

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