Video: Check Out A Sneak Peak Of The Bad Girls Club Reunion Show

Ok I must admit I started watching season 7 of the Bad Girls club kinda late but after catching up & getting into it I was all in lol.

On the season finale Nastasi beat the breaks off Chelly after she found out it was her who messed with her contacts.

If you missed it check out the fight below:

On the reunion show hosted by blogger Perez Hilton, the ladies talk about surviving in the house as well as Chelly tries to get revenge on Nastasia for that azz whooping she gave her on the final episode.

Check out a sneak peak below:

I don’t think I would be able to make it in the “Bad Girls Club” because first bish that get up in my face talking that foolishness I’m throwing dem hands point, blank, period!!!!!

So yeah I would probably get sent home early if I was on that show lol….

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