Did Basketball Wives Draya Sleep With Laura’s Baby Daddy Gilbert Arenas????

On the last few episodes of Basketball Wives LA, Laura Govan has been going in on Draya helping to make it the Draya Show.

Up until this point I was a little confused as to why Laura had beef with Draya, however after doing a little digging I found out that she allegedly slept with her on again off again boyfriend / baby daddy NBA player Gilbert Arenas.

If you recall a few episodes ago Draya apologized to Laura because of a police report Laura found regarding Draya’s child endangerment case. **blankstare*** (Confused as to why DRAYA was the one apologizing???? Yeah me too…)

However word on the curb is Draya was actually apologizing for smashing her baby daddy Gilbert. She (allegedly) admitted to sleeping with Gilbert on camera but VH1 decided to edit it out because her apology was so random.

Via SR

“Laura was mad with Draya because she *effed Gilbert Arenas*. She did it at the stadium. And also Deshawn Stevenson the same night. She (Laura) called her out on it. Gilbert is backing this story up. He may be telling it on the reunion show. He’s not denying it. He says he passed her on to his two homies the same day.”

If you missed the apology check it out below:

Reach Around internet radio show recently spilled the tea on Draya sleeping with Gilbert Arenas, DeShawn Stevens & another one of his teammates.

Check out the interview below:

So let me get this straight Draya smashed Gilbert and two of his homies all in the same day???? O_o

Well dayum I see why Laura keeps her foot in Draya’s neck as well as tried to beat the breaks off her during their boxing match smh…..


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