Video: Beyonce Wants You To Feel The Power With Her New Fragrance Pulse

My bff in my head Beyonce Knowles-Carter first heated things up 2 years ago when she dropped her 2 #1 fragrances HEAT & Heat Plus.

And now she’s following up with her new fragrance titled “Pulse” which will be in stores next month.

The success of Heat was amazing, but why not represent a different side of a woman? Pulse represents the woman I am on stage. When I think about excitement, it makes me think about my heart racing and a pulsating beat­—it’s my stage persona. Heat represents my sensual side, it’s very spicy and Southern. Heat Rush is more about the woman I am on my off time, when I’m on vacation.

Pulse is a fragrance you can wear all the time. I love the idea of a signature scent that lets a woman leave her mark wherever she goes, so I always try to make my scents appropriate for any occasion

Watch the commercial below:

YouTube video

Love her!!!!!


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  1. prettynana43:

    I hope the fragrance last,because after a nice shower and I use 2put on my BEYONCE HEAT, by the time I get to work the fragrance done wore off!!! SMH At $75 a bottle that should not be!

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