Allison Mathis Files A Lawsuit Against Her Baby Daddy Chris Bosh Over Basketball Wives Reality Show

If it ain’t one thing it’s another when it comes to Miami Heat star Chris Bosh & his baby mama Allison, drama on top of drama on top of drama smh!!!

Last week Chris Bosh filed an emergency custody motion regarding his daughter Trinity & now Allison has fired back with her own lawsuit against Bosh for him allegedly crushing her dreams of being a Reality Star……

According to TMZ Allison Mathis recently filed the lawsuit in Orlando, FL stating that she signed a deal with the producers of the hit reality show Basketball Wives, that would have made her more than $250,000. Allison submitted her signed contract to the court showing that she was set to make $2,500 per episode for the first five shows & $5,000 for each additional episode. That is until her baby daddy Chris Bosh blocked the deal.

Bosh allegedly lied to producers when he told them Allison had several court orders in effect to keep her from appearing on the show. Bosh also threatened to sue producers if she was to appear on camera which made them axe her from the show.

You know what I think both Chris Bosh & his baby mama Allison is petty for all this back & fourth drama. I don’t think he should have to power to block her money point blank period!!!!! I can however see him stopping her from mentioning his name or even having their daughter appear on the show, but to block her money ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!

And I understand it’s a lot of drama going on between these two right now however, despite the drama Allison should NOT be keeping their daughter away from him.

Regardless at the end of the day Bosh should be allowed to see his daughter & he shouldn’t have to go to court to do so point,blank, PERIOD!!!

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