Tameka “Tiny” Harris Discuss Her Husband T.I. Going Back To Prison & More

Tameka “Tiny” Harris recently opened up to XXL Magazine about her relationship with her husband T.I., dealing with him going back to jail, the rumors of being in an open relationship & more.

Check out a few excerpts from the interview below:

On taking the wrap for T.I.

“I feel like, if you don’t know the details on it, you can’t say I could take the fall. If I could have, I would have said, ‘Well, yeah, that’s me.’ But it wasn’t able to be done. And for one, there were other people—other friends in the car—that could have taken the fall, but it couldn’t happen.”

On the rumors of being in an “open” relationship with T.I.

“I’m not on no, He might do this. No, I’m not one of those girls. This ain’t no open relationship, like, You can do that, and you coming home to me. No, it’s not one of those. Definitely not.”

On being secure in her relationship:

“In all of my relationships, I’ve never had to wonder if they love me or if they want me. But he, Tip, he’s just different because he is who he is. Of course, I know he could have anything he wanted. He can have the world. But he shows me, I want you. We’re not perfect, but I definitely know that he loves me — and not just that he loves me, that he wants to be with me. He wants what he has. And I’m in love with that.”

On having to deal with T.I. going back to jail:
“It sucks that we’re back at it again, [But,] honestly, for the love and the relationship we have, it ain’t nothin’ to me to do this. He makes my life so pleasant and so much better and worth everything that I can do this little bit without having to say, ‘Oh, it’s driving me crazy.’”

On If T.I. Has Learned His Lesson:

“It’s time-out for any nonsense. We know what to do now. Not that we didn’t then — but things happened, you know. Now it’s for sure. He’s never gonna go back to jail. We can’t have that.”

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