Basketball Wives Tami Roman Discuss Her Cheating Ex-Husband, The Cast mates Of Basketball Wives & More

Basketball Wives reality star Tami Roman spoke with radio personality TT Torrez & she discussed her former marriage to NBA star Kenny Anderson, the drama on Basketball Wives, her new job & more.

Check out the highlights & the audio from the interview below:

Tami says she decided to do “Basketball Wives” because she wanted to share her story because after watching the first season, she didn’t think her life/journey of being a basketball wife wasn’t really represented.

Once divorced from Kenny Anderson, Tami said she had to go on government assistance to provide for her children.

Kenny Anderson had not seen his two daughters with her in 10 years. Since the show aired, she says her daughters have spent time with their father but there are still communication issues that need to be solved.

She said she’s just like everybody else and has her “moments” on the show. She said she went off on the show because behind the scenes it was brought to her that people were making jokes about her being on food stamps.

Tami says she and Jennifer Williams have talked their differences out and they can now be cordial to one another.

She said she was never bitter about the prenup because she was in love with Kenny and never thought they would be divorced. But she IS bitter about the way their marriage played out and that he didn’t do the right thing after their divorce.

She said during her 6 year marriage with Kenny Anderson he had TWO children while they were married with his mistress.

She said she doesn’t reach out to the other baby mothers except for DJ Spinderella (from Salt-N-Pepa) because most of the other women came about while they were married. Spinderella was with Kenny before Tami and Kenny were married.

She says she doesn’t know if Kenny Anderson is actually broke but she knows he doesn’t pay her child support.

She works at a finance firm now and she can provide for her daughters. She also said she’s in the process of writing a book.

Check out the audio below:


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