Torrie Hart Speaks Out Regarding Her Divorce With Kevin Hart

Last week, I reported about comedian Kevin Hart filing for divorce from his wife Torrei after eight years of marriage.

Kevin cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their split and asked the court to not give any spousal support to his wife.

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A video of Torrie recently surfaced the internet of her venting & talking about her unhappy marriage to Kevin through a comedy act. However Torrie quickly took to her twitter & stated that video was two years old.

A lot of people are going in calling Torrie a bitter ex because of this video.

However I feel like she has nothing to be ashamed of when Kevin talks about their relationship all the time during his stand up routine.

I’m just saying Torrie is the main person Kevin talks about in almost EVERY show…. So if she sound bitter what does that make him sound like because he constantly bashes her and their children in every act talking about the kids retarded cry?

Check out Torrie’s video below:

I guess this is the angry black woman portion of the show, there is another angry black woman standing before you. My husband is always asking “babe, why are you so angry?” I’m married to you, what do you mean why I’m I always so angry? Aren’t you in this marriage with me? Why aren’t you just as angry as me? Sh*t.

I’ve been married six years. Let me tell you why I’m really angry. I’m really angry because I’ve been having the same p*nis for the last six years of my life. I want some new p*nis. But here’s the thing, I can cheat because my husband is known and if I cheat it’s going to get back to him and I’m pissed off because I know he cheats.

I’m okay with him cheating but my thing is just don’t have women calling my phone talking about “Is this torrei?” “Yes, this is Torrei, why who is this?” “I’m f**king yo man!” I was like um, okay “I hope you wore a condom because you know he be out there doing his damn thing. And sh*t I don’t know what the n*gga got cause I’m not having sex with him, so I suggest you strap up okay. You can have him.”

She doesn’t understand she helped me cut my d**k sucking days to one day a week from five days a week. I’m like where is Trisha at? I was getting to a point where I was looking for the side piece. Like is he coming home again asking me for… “Hello, Trisha I guess you didn’t f*ck my husband today, I’m going to need you to do your job because he’s coming home expecting sex from me and you know damn well the plan was that you take him Monday through Friday, and I sometimes, maybe give him something on Sunday. I need you to do your job and step up to the plate. I am Tired. I don’t feel like having sex with my husband tonight.

Torrie is actually funny I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that she helped Kevin write some of his jokes LOL!!!!

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