The Jackson Family Drama: Two Brother’s One Baby Mama


Now this some real live Jerry Springer sh*t right here two brothers one baby mama & the baby mama has the nerve to be suing the Grandma WTH!!!!!!

Via: Rhymes With Snitch

Child Protective Services said Randy and Jermaine’s baby mama Alejandra Jackson had to take her kids and go because it was too much of a burden on Katherine Jackson after one of Jermaine’s kids tried to stun Prince and Blanket with a tazer gun? Well she’s not leaving without a fight.

Alejandra hired a law firm to negotiate a separation package, because she fears if she leaves the compound she’ll no longer be taken care of. Alejandra and Jermaine have fought over support issues in the past and just because she’s leaving the compound Alejandra wants to make sure she and her kids aren’t left out in the cold.

First off tell yo baby daddy (s) to get off they’re azz & get a job because that’s who you should be suing not their mother!

I’m just saying why should Katherine be entitled to take care of this h*e?? And yes I’m calling her a h*e because your kids are brothers & cousins SMH!!!!!!!

Lawd have mercy I wish Katherine was my mama because I would tell this tramp where she could get off!!!!! And I would make sure she don’t get a dime from my mama!!!!!!

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