Jay Z Making Power Moves With His Beautiful *Bey* By His Side


Jay Z with his beautiful Bey by his side attended the ground breaking ceremony at the Barclay Center in the Brooklyn Yards. The new home for the Brooklyn Nets in the 18,000 sq ft arena scheduled to open later this year…

OMG Jay Z has come a long way since his Marcy projects days in Brooklyn. The rapper is making power moves in the city he once called home….

I know you probably get sick of me talking about my favorite couple but I looooooove them so much and I love how they support each other in everything they do… Not to mention they remind me every day that if you work hard and stay focus you too can make power moves …. I am so inspired by Jay Z and (my bff in my head) Beyonce!!!!!! **

Check out a few pics from the groud breaking ceremony below:

barclays center 2 110310




Rev AL Sharpton looking like he up to something lol!!!!

barclays center 2 110310

OMG the look on this little boys face is priceless I love it!!!!

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